Google+ is still in its test drive, and none of my ‘friends’ or on Google+ yet. While using Google plus sorting my dated contacts I was wondering how I would sort my Facebook friends..

I would put my girlfriends from high school in their own circle wit the seven of us. I would have my girlfriends who I hang out the most with, including my little sis, in a circle. My family with my grandparents, nieces, nephews, uncles and aunts in an other circle than my parents. My brothers and siter in a new circle. All those people who I used to be friends or acquitanced with in a circle ‘out of touch’. Should I make a new circle for my boyfriend and my best friend? But than they will be all alone in this little circle? And by the way; I do not need this social media tool to communicate with them, so let’s just keep these guys out of all the circles. A new circle for all the peers in University and other circles for all the peers of my other school experiences divided by the different schools. And I can go on and on about new circles; people I used to work with, people who I am working with right now, my bosses, people I met partying, people I met traveling, people I met…

So when I think about it I would at least have 14 different circles, with all these different groups of people. Allthough I think it could be really usefull, I am already tired by dividing all those people, let alone to send a message in 14 different types. I can not think about anything I would share trough social media, that I do not want a ‘friend’ to know about. Than I would not accepted the friend request to begin with, or I would block this person. My advice; “When you have something you do not want somebody to know about, do not put it on your social media devices”.


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