Circle me this, circle me that #google+_assignment

There’s a new social media site in town and it’s called: Google +.
Is it everything that we expect it to be and more? According to the slogan, “real life sharing”, it must be.
So, let’s find out.

When you think of Google +, you think of circles.  I have created an account with four circles: family, friends, acquaintances and people I know from university: VU.
You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out which of the individuals I know I will fit into which circle.
I have to say, at first, I was quite sceptical about these circles because I couldn’t understand why it would be so important or handy to divide the people in your ‘friendlist’. I all know them, right?
Now I’ve discovered that I can share information with one group that I, perhaps, wouldn’t feel comfortable sharing with the other group. For instance, I don’t think my mom would be interested in coming across pictures of me and my friends while we are partying, poledancing, painting happy faces on traffic lights and ‘borrowing’ road signs…or something like that. Then again, I would definitely like to share those pictures and comments with my friends.
This way, you can share the information you want to share with whom you want to share it with. Just like in real life where you, for instance, tell only your best friend your secrets, you only tell your mom your worries, and only your work buddies get the inside jokes about the firm. This is what Google + is aiming for: real life sharing on the web.
Doesn’t sound too bad now, does it?

Raksha Hoost


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