Doutzen Kroes on Twitter

I am following Doutzen Kroes on Twitter. She is a supermodel and actrice from the Netherlands. She started her career in 2003 at the modelling agency Paparazzi. What about Doutzen and Twitter? She posted 1796 tweets and has 23.601 followers. She follows 65 people.

I actually already followed her before the assignment, but…

Why do I follow her? She tweets funny, behind the scene things. For example: if she is in the make up for a fashion show she takes pictures from backstage. Or if she is cooking or taking care of her baby she makes pictures and post them. Next to that she has a strong opinion. For example, she supports Dance4life (charity) and thinks its important that one uses ecological products. Further she retweets other models often and promotes events.

What I like about her tweets is that they make clear she is a ”normal” person aswell. She tweets pictures without make up for example. So she shows her followers that she is human. When I compare that to other celebrities I follow, its sort of striking. I do not see many celebrities who are willing to show to their followers that they are not always as perfect as fans think they are.

Another thing which is remarkable is that she has so many followers but she follows only 65 people herself. That is what I see with most celebrities. I understand that they cannot follow 123.000 people, but the difference is huge. I do not exactly know why. Maybe they are too busy to follow everyone they know/ would like to follow and they use other social media or other ways to contact friends and family more often?

Did I try to contact her? I did, but not with a private message. I mentioned her in a tweet. Unfortunately she did not react. I guess I am not the only one who tries that. She would have a new job if she had to react on every private message and mention. I am wondering how she makes a decision: to react or not to react to a mention/private message? I think family and friends will contact her in another way than Twitter. So the private messages and mentions will come mostly from fans or organizations. When I read her tweets it is remarkable that she reacts mostly to fans she has met in real life.

So, conclusion: I will keep following Doutzen and I am curious what she will tweet in the future.

Note: The magazine Grazia announced that Doutzen Kroes is one of the most influential people on Twitter.


One Comment on “Doutzen Kroes on Twitter”

  1. jeanaf says:

    Interesting post. Try to think about this example in context of what we have read and discussed in class for example frontstage and backstage behavior by Goffman and the concept of “authenticity”.

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