Will the real celebrity please stand up?

Facebook. Just Facebook. That used to be my only social media usage. Now I have a Twitter account and no matter how hard I try, I just cannot feel the connection with the birdie.

For this assignment I had to get in touch with someone quite famous and someone less famous through Twitter for instance. When I searched for celebrities on Twitter there were like five different ‘Jude Laws’ (famous actor) and Jennifer Anniston (famous actress) also exists four times on Twitter. I decided to follow some famous people living in the Netherlands so I could easily check if they were not a bunch of people pretending to be someone they are not. I ended up following the Royal Family because I am fascinated by them. Every year the queen prepares a speech for her country during Christmastime, called the ‘Christmas speech’. In December 2009 the queen told the Dutch population to make more real contact with each other. Technical advancement and individualization had made people more independent but also more detached from each other. Surprisingly, in March 2010 the Royal Family launched their own YouTube channel with historical and present-day images about their work. In September 2010 the Royal Family announced they would also be using Twitter. So far, the fascinating story behind social media and the Royal Family.

The Royal Family is not following anyone, has 45.741 followers and posted 140 tweets. I could not make contact through Twitter. Unfortunately, it is not the queen herself typing her messages. The government information service takes care of that. Nevertheless, I would love to read messages from the queen with some inside information about herself and her family: “Dear country, which hat shall I wear today?”. All I found out following the Royal Family is when and where they have official meetings. Yet, I must say they all have a busy schedule and doing some great things for this country and abroad I was not aware of.

Also I tried to find a less famous person to follow. However, I find it hard to make a difference between someone famous and someone ‘less’ famous. Meanwhile I have to accustom using Twitter because it will not go automatically. If I found a ‘less famous person’ I think contacting that person would be a lot easier. This person is, as said, less famous and would have fewer followers than real famous people (I guess). It could be that this person would be flattered if some of his/her followers is trying to get in touch with him/her and would give a response.

I am not done using Twitter, but it will not go as automatically as the usage of Facebook for instance. The first impression of a random Twitter account looks very busy and disorganized; I see a lot of text, where to begin? One big thing missing at Twitter are the pictures. You can click on a link and then see the picture. But hey, clicking on a link to see a picture? Facebook just shows it to me. Lazy? I just taught my grandmother of nearly 80 years old how to use smiley’s in a text message. Maybe it is just a matter of time.


2 Comments on “Fan_assignment”

  1. IRGIORGIO says:

    Hey, you can check if its a real account of a celebrity. They have a verification mark next to their name. That will help following the real celebrities, alot of them even put “therealblabla” as their account name 🙂

    Also Twitter is really only about the texts messages (the 140 letters or something). Its features are somewhat different than Facebook, thats why I think both can exist next to each other.

  2. jeanaf says:

    I really like the choice of the royal family. Hearing about this more official use is a informative contrast to the other examples. Still, for this assignment, it would have been interesting for you to compare and contrast this case with an account created and managed by an individual.

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