Go outside the ‘Twitterworld’

“Instantly connect to what’s most important to you. Follow your friends, experts, favorite celebrities, and breaking news.” (Source; twitter.com)

Twitter; I am not a heavy user or fan. I already had a twitter account for the last two years, but non-active. So first figuring out again how it works and choosing some celebrities to follow. After monitoring the twitter feeds of a couple of celebrities I like, I still come to the conclusion that twitter is to short to handle ‘the real things’.

I knowingly choose really different people to follow, a writer/comedian, a social media expert, an actress and all the not so famous persons, like friends and school connections. Like Youp van het Hek, overall he just posts the links to his columns, which I follow and enjoy. But not on Twitter, but on the site of the NRC. Even the ‘social media expert’ of DWDD Alexander Kopping list ‘nice things to know’ and comments about shows, sites, devolpments, pictures and so on. But to look at all these things you have to leave twitter and go to a lot of other websites. Also Sophia Bush, a actress in the television show One Tree Hill, although a active twittergirl, refers to her blog, website, Facebook..
When looking at Facebook, it is a little world by itself. You can surf on Facebook for hours, without getting bored. With Twitter, after fifteen minutes, I am done and want to go to the other links, blogs and the real stuff I can read. Is twitter used for a connection to the ‘outside’ world? They claim that you are connected with whats most important to you, but the way I see it for myself is a bit different. Twitter; Just a good place to report links, interesting things and  day to day stuff which are all happening outside the ‘twitterworld’..

Youp van het Hek is just making a kind of advertisement for himself, with links to his own columns. It shows that he is not really a tweeter, like Alexander Kopping on the other hand is. He tweets all the time, but is it possible to be a social media expert without twittering? When trying to get in touch with ‘famous and not so famous’ people, I choose Sophia Bush as the famous one. She is being followed by more than 400.000 people, and she only follows less than 400 persons. This is 0,01% of each other, amazing what a small percentage. That is why I can not really blame her of not re-tweeting me or a reaction what so ever. To get in touch with a not so famous person is a bit more easy, I follow a blogger, of whom I like the blogs, and got in touch with him. Still it is not really my thing to ‘stalk’ these people and just send tweets, just to say something. Talking or in this case tweeting is not always saying something.


One Comment on “Go outside the ‘Twitterworld’”

  1. jeanaf says:

    Good start. I appreciate how you compared twitter with other sites but I am missing an analysis of how different users compared with one another and how the experience of following specific users effected your impressions of them.

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