Meet the haters

While watching senseless TV n the gym last night,  I came across an interesting new show from Mario Lopez ( called H8R, in which celebrities get a chance to meet the people that on social media like blogs, Facebook or Twitter, spend their time saying bad stuff about them or write hateful stuff on their Facebook walls.

Though I hardly watch TV, I actually think this could be an interesting show, as the idea behind it is that the ‘haters’ will get to meet the people they hate, based on what they know about them through (as well social) media, and get a chance to hang out with them. I especially find it interesting to see that apparently (according to this article) even very famous stars get affected by hateful posts on their SNS accounts.


2 Comments on “Meet the haters”

  1. midjavhulsen says:

    I think this is a interesting show. Because most of the time offending people online, like on Facebook or Twitter is easy. Because it’s online, you don’t realy see the consequences. And it’s not face to face, so you don’t have to be afraid of a response. A lot of childeren bully online, like on Hyves. Also you don’t realy know the people, if we’re talking about celebrities. So I think it’s a good idea to confront them (the haters) with the consequences and the people they offend to know what they are realy doing. And we al know that words realy hurt.

  2. midjavhulsen says:

    en ‘really’ is natuurlijk met dubbel L haha!

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