Peter Kerkhof to visit the class Friday, be ready to interview!

Just a reminder that Peter Kerkhof will be coming to our Social Media Course this Friday, 23 September, for an interview. Dr. Kerkhof is Associate Professor, Dept. of Communication Science at the VU, Chair of the department and Special Professor Customer Media, Dept. of Communication Science at Universiteit van Amsterdam.

Dr. Kerkhofmaintains a blog and uses twitter regularly under the handle peterkerkhof. He uses social media to discuss and analyze current research and practice and his use of social media has brought increased exposure to his work and ideas, making him a thought leader in the space of social media, consumer online behavior and how corporations use social media to connect with customers in the Netherlands. He is currently on a sabbatical year from the VU to work on his research.

Therefore, we are particularly lucky to have Peter coming back to the VU especially to talk with us. Please have your questions ready for him about his experience using social media, the audience for his social media work and any other questions you might have.

See you Friday!


One Comment on “Peter Kerkhof to visit the class Friday, be ready to interview!”

  1. Looking forward to meeting you on Friday!

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