Come in Terry

News is not hard to come by these days. My earlier news consumption was mostly just reading the morning papers at home, nowadays technology rules the landscape. The past couple of years the advances in (mostly smartphone) technology have changed the way I consume news. When I leave home to go to work or study I check the news whenever I pull out my phone to check it for other things. The only general news application on my phone is the app. Whenever I’m at the station I usually grab a free newspaper like Spits or Metro. Whenever I’m at home I read the AD paper. However, I always feel the papers are out of sync because of the instant updates on other platforms like the television or even faster, the internet. That’s probably why I prefer using the internet to read the news, because it’s more up to date.

Relating my experiences to Prior (2005), I have to say that I don’t have a lot of contact with political content in the media. I guess what Prior is saying could hold true, an increased array of media choices is bad for exposure to news. For me, I have never been very interested in politics, so I wouldn’t know if the introduction of new media has made a whole lot of difference in my exposure to political content.

Commenting critically on a news article wasn’t that hard to do. I tried to find something that is controversial and something that I was already critical of. I found an article on the site of de Stentor, one of the smaller newspapers. This article is about someone’s profile picture on Twitter, where the person is holding two guns. This lead to a search of his house by the police. I am critical of this because police can use Twitter for these purposes, but in this case it wasn’t justified. This is to an extent what my comment read. Unfortunately, no one reacted on my comment. This could be because most people probably agree. Another reason could be that the website of de Stentor is not that frequently visited. At the time of my comment there were only 14 previous comments. My thoughts on this are that any news that is not extremely controversial gets old fast, and people won’t react to it anymore. And writing a comment that most people would probably agree with, you just don’t get a discussion out of that.


One Comment on “Come in Terry”

  1. Jacquemijne says:

    Do you really have know idea if the introduction of new media has made a lot of difference in your exposure to political content? Nowadays a lot of news about politicians (for example ‘Doe eens normaal, man’ from Wilders) is exposed on the internet. For instance, my media usage has increased over the last years and whether I like it or not, I know more about politics just by being more exposed to it, not even more interested. Or can you just banish it?

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