Mark or Femke?

Well, at first I wanted to follow Mark Rutte on Twitter. It was hard to find the ‘real’ Mark Rutte. Since there is no verified account I decided to go start following Femke Halsema. She does not have a verified account as well, but one account has so many followers that I believe that that`s the account from the ”real Femke”. I was actually very surprised that the accounts of politicians are not monitored and that anyone can tweet in the name of someone like Mark Rutte.

I understand that Femke Halsema is not really in politics anymore, but I am wondering if her tweets changed from the before and after politics period. The first thing I notice, something Jackson en Lilleker also say in their article is that since the release of web 2.0 ”interaction” has become more important. A quote which fits to Femke Halsema her Twitter account: The traditional top-down direction of political communication, from parties and government to voters and citizens, is replaced by a more horizontal style of communication without a hierarchy.

She uses Twitter almost only to interact with people. When I look at who she replies to, it are not only colleagues or known people, but also regular citizens who give her a compliment for example. What I like about her tweets , is that she is not afraid to give her opinion and that she dares to react to critical tweets. So, she mixes personal news with politics. A remarkable thing is that she does not posts so many pictures, but the pictures she did post are personal. Further she is very active on Twitter. (amount of tweets)

Before and after politics?

When I take a look at ther tweets from some time ago, she is tweeting more about politics and less about personal stuff. Next to that she did not react to followers as much as she does now. The difference is not that big, but still, there is a difference. Now she gives her opinion in a stronger way. I am wondering if her tweets were monitored or checked when she was in politics?


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