Well, last week I mainly got my news from Twitter. I follow and AT5 for example, so when they post a tweet about something which I want to know more about I go to their website.  I normally do this when I am travelling, or when I am bored. The other thing is that I read the ”Spits” every morning when I go with the bus or metro. It is a ritual. It feels kinda strange when I cant read that paper in the morning.

So, mostly I read the news in the morning. Sometimes I do watch the evening news when it is the first thing what I see when I put on the television, but mostly I feel like when I’ve read the news in the morning, I fulfilled my obligation to get updated on what is happening in the world and I rather watch an entertaining show on television in the evening.

Another remarkable thing is that since I use Social Media, and I live on my own I scan my news more. I actually only read what I think is interesting. This is probably because now I can totally make my own choices: no family members who are watching a news programme, or someone who bought a specific paper. However, when I hear many people talking about a happening, I do search for information about that happening on my smartphone. So, in this part I recognize myself in what Prior argues. He argues ”media use is governed by content preferences’.

Lets get to the next part of the assignment. I gave a reaction on this article. The most reactions on AT5 are sarcastic and a bit cynical. It might have to do something with AT5 posting ‘provincial’ news. So the news is closer, people might have heard many opinions from people in the neighbourhood and everything what happens near you is probably always more worse than something which happens far away. That might be why the reactions are mostly negative.

I did not get a reaction on my reaction yet. This could be because AT5 posts very fast new stuff and because I did not pick an article with ”huge” news, so it might have had not so many readers. When I read the other reactions, people make a comment, but don’t seem to be that interested in getting in a discussion with others. I feel like that is too bad, because these sort of sites are the way to discuss news with others than your close friends.


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