Summing up the journalism assignment

Good to read everyone’s posts on their experience and reflections reading the news this week.  One thing that surprised me, is how much reading about how you access the news reveals about your life, your habits and routine more generally. Several people discussed how they fit the news into their day with most people accessing the bulk of their news in the morning through more traditional media,  including the television and the newspaper, and then reading more throughout the day using new media including app on smart phones or through social media delivered on the phone or to a desktop machine.

In fact, I did a quick tally of how everyone in class read the news. See the table below.

Great to see that over 80% of you read the news regularly. Of that 80%, 94% of the class gets news through multiple channels.

Your reports resonate with the PEW Internet study  from 2010 that looked at how Americans access the news. In that sample, 92% of Americans accessed news through multiple channels.

News source this week Number of people
Free newspaper, online/mobile 3
Online, newspapers, sm 2
Online, sm 1
Newspapers and mobile/online 7
TV, newspaper, online 5
Twitter, online 3
TV, online 6
TV 1
online 1
TV, computer, twitter 1
Radio, free paper 1
Newspaper, radio, online 2
Not a lot or not consistent 9

After reading through all the posts, other patterns that struck me were how many people:

  1. Talk about reading the news as a ritual, especially the paper (e.g. rhoost) but also on phone (e.g. joyce, laura”I must say that I read not so much because of the news, but more because it has become a sort of morning ritual (Fleurw)”
  2. Read the paper because they are physically handed it on the subway
  3. Most people get their news in the morning and are less interested in the evening news when they just want something lighter
In response to the part of the assignment about the commenting on a news item, many people made the observation that contentious comments seem to get more attention but really people commenting on articles were often ignoring one another. Kevin noted:
Just what strikes me is how everyone reacts a little bit past each other, and almost never together.
Nice to see all this work, looking forward to reading future posts.

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