Fried Chicken

Popeyes Chicken is a fast food chain with restaurants around the world, most of them located in the United States. Whenever I’m on my holiday in the States (which is annually) I make it a habit to go and eat there very often. They have the best fried chicken ever and KFC can suck it.

So Popeyes chicken being one of my favorite fast food restaurants, I decided to check if they had Twitter (@PopeyesChicken) and they are quiet the tweeters. I believe they are even in some top 40 restaurants to follow on Twitter. So I thought it would be interesting to write this blog about a brand that isn’t located in Holland so I chose them. Right now Popeyes seems to have a new menu item called Dip’n Chick’n and are trying to raise a lot of awareness on Twitter about their new speciality. So they, like most companies, also use it for promotional benefits.

Another Tweet that struck me was one of a guy who tweeted something about Popeyes and then made a comment about that they could pay him for his last tweet in Popcorn Shrimp and they replied with:

“Mondays stink. To brighten ur day, DM me ur address. Gift check good for shrimp, crawfish…whatever makes u content! :)”

Isn’t that awesome? That they even react to those tweets and they will send the guy a Gift certificate? Also, they responded to a tweet about the lack of dipping sauce with someone’s order, he will probably get something in his mailbox as well.

I think it’s great that they interact with their customer base like this. Complains, compliments, they respond to everything. Perhaps the fast food business in the States is a market where you have to do these things to maintain a certain reputation. Well to me they were already a great fast food restaurant and now that I know they are very interactive with their customers and handle all the complains, even the minor ones they get, I find them even greater!


3 Comments on “Fried Chicken”

  1. claudiacornelisse says:

    Ik kende dit fast food restaurant niet, maar als ik dit zo lees van jou heb ik een positieve indruk van ze! Leuk dat ze zo interacteren met hun klanten en ook echt overgaan tot dingen opsturen (zoals de gift certificate).

  2. tkluong says:

    Dus Popeyes kan in jouw ogen niet meer stuk? Ik vind het wel heel goed dat ze zo reageren op klachten van klanten. Zo krijg je als klant het idee dat er nog naar je geluisterd wordt en dit is natuurlijk goede word-of-mouth reclame. De volgende keer dat ik naar Amerika ga, zal ik hier zeker een keertje langsgaan!

    • IRGIORGIO says:

      Ja zeker doen. Hun fried chicken is echt goed. Ik vond t nogal grappig dat ze reageren op kleine dingen en niet alleen op serieuze klachten.

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