Protest – To Get There

My love for the sport wakeboarding has grown enormously ever since I first started practicing it in 2009. And with it, my love for the brands associated with the sport. I wear them while on the water, I wear them while off the water, I identify myself with them. One brand in particular that has always spoken to me is a Dutch brand called Protest. Protest has been building some serious momentum in the last couple of years, mostly associating themselves with boardsports like snowboarding, surfing and of course wakeboarding. They are there at a lot of events and competitions, making quite a name for themselves in the scene.

I have been following Protest since my first contact with wakeboarding and one thing that struck me is that they do a lot with social media. I follow them on both Facebook and Twitter (and previously on Hyves). Even though they use both, Twitter is usually just an extension of the Facebook page, meaning they have the same content. Protest always post stories on how their photoshoots went and what their sponsored riders did at certain events for example. All of this goes along with pictures and videos. One thing that strikes me as odd is that Protest almost never uses the channel to sell. Even though there is an online shop and they release a new collection each season, the Facebook page is almost exclusively about content of the kind I described above.

Now, this is not a big deal to me because I enjoy all of it. But when it comes down to a business, I’d make a bit more of an effort. But meanwhile, I’m still buying their stuff. Perhaps that’s why social media is so powerful, because the interaction is there, the content is there, but it’s never shoved in your face. You follow who you like, get the content you like and Protest is doing a very good job at this. My evaluation of Protest is definitely higher because of the things they do for their brand.

But the thing I love the most about Protest are the goodies and giveaways. Back in the time of Hyves (yes, I just said that) there was a blogpost on the Protest page announcing you could get free stickers if you’d sent a private message to the owner. I did, and a couple of days later those stickers were on my board. After that, I got lucky with a DVD giveaway. Last but not least, I won a goodiebag in a sweepstake this year. So all of these things only improved my attitude towards this brand. Protest is not only good at what they create (some of the coolest and most comfortable boardwear), but are also out there on social media pleasing the audience with updates from the scene and cool contests.


One Comment on “Protest – To Get There”

  1. wfilius says:

    You are a real protest fan;)! Good blog and the picture is very funny!

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