Diary of a social media user…

Before I started this course I already used Twitter and Facebook for a few years. I mostly used it on my Blackberry, when I was travelling or bored. My main goal was to stay in touch with people who do not live close and to see what friends were doing. During this course I started to think about my own social media use and I feel like I used social media too much. So, I use it a bit less now, but it stays interesting when I am travelling for a while or when I am bored.

The other thing I noticed…

I was having some friends in my Facebook who I did not speak to at all. They were just there.  I am not sure if it is because of this course, but I started to think about what kind of ‘friends’ I connect with on social media. The idea of the circles of Google + might have helped. Most friends I can ‘put’ in a circle, but there was a small group I could not define at all.  Some of them were just in my ‘Friendslist’ for no reason. So, I deleted them. It makes no sense to let them stay there while I never chat, tweet, send messages or anything with them.

For the rest my social media use is still the same. I still tweet and facebook. I do have Google + now, but since only four friends have it as well, it is not that interesting at the moment. I did not use Delicious at all. When I want to bookmark something (which I do not do much) I use the regular system on my computer. It has no added value for me in this period. However, I do understand that when you need many articles for example, it can be usefull. So, I might start to use it more often in the future.

It felt a bit akward in the beginning that I ‘had to use’  social media. I feel like social media brings the most fun when you can choose what site you like and when you are really interested in how one can use it yourself. One wants to deepen themselves in how to use the site. When I was obligated to start using those sites, I did not feel like I really wanted to find out how everything works. That might be an issue these days. There are so many social media sites. When everyone start using Google +, one can feel like he or she needs to start using it as well, ‘to belong to the rest of the group’. I am wondering how many people use Twitter or Facebook because they, themselves were interested in start using those sites? If none of your friends were on Twitter or Facebook, do you still think you were?

When I look at my own situation, I think I would still be on Facebook and Twitter, but would use it less often. Conclusion: I do believe when you start to look and think about your own social media use it can change, because nowadays with so many oppurtunities online, we post/tweet many words unintentional.


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