Dear Diary

I have been using Facebook for a couple of years now. I think I was the first among my friends to use it. I was invited to make an account by some Canadian friends of mine but I never really saw the advantages nor the appeal of Facebook. When I started this course I was forced into using Facebook and other Social Media more often and it still doesn’t appeal to me. I do however, see the advantages now.

I decided to try and use Facebook more than I did before, but I still don’t see the use for me personally so in the end nothing has changed. The things I post are not directed to
everyone. I usually post things about games, movies, music, sports and science related stuff and I get comments from the people who my updates are meant for so I kept continuing to do this over the last few weeks. I don’t really see the use nor I don’t feel comfortable posting updates about what I’m doing and where I’m going. As a Blackberry phone user I keep in touch with my close friends on Blackberry Messenger so there is still no reason for me to use Facebook to that extent. So afterall I did not change my Facebook behaviour over the last six weeks.

Because I don’t use Facebook often or to its full potential I decided to conduct a one week experiment. Deactivating my Facebook account and see how I would feel and if people would notice. During this week I did not feel different, there was no awkward feeling of being disconnected, which I shockingly have right now, because of the Blackberry servers being down. Although a few people told me to reactivate it cause they wanted to show me something, I didn’t until I needed Facebook for a promotion.

Like I stated before, I mostly use Facebook to show people entertainment and science related stuff that I find interesting, but I do have pictures on it as well. Over the past
six weeks I did not upload any new ones and during the class about self-presentation I found it interesting that people don’t show all their pictures to the contacts they have on Facebook. I don’t really care about what people think when I post things about games or science and if you check my photo albums, 60% of it consists of pictures of me being drunk at a party (I’m no drunkard, but those pictures are the most fun later on). In most of those pictures I was tagged, people asked me if I were okay with the pictures and I told them “Why would I not be? Those pictures are hilarious!”. I honestly like this about Facebook, it also gives you the ability to present your real self and your likings to people who like the same stuff and will comment on the stuff you post.

As for Twitter, I was a “heavy” Twitter user when I first started using it. Then about a year ago I lost interesting in tweeting. When I was forced back on Twitter by this course
I tried to check it for updates on a regular basis but I failed. I forgot about it and it just didn’t appeal to me anymore. I did use it a couple of times to ask a webcare about some problems I was having with their server.

Other than Twitter and Facebook I briefly used Google+ for the blog assignment, but after that I never went back to it. I think it is flawed and will fail eventually. To summarise things, I was not a very active Facebook or Twitter user before this course, during this course and I still won’t be after this course.


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