Social Media Use Review

After more than a month of writing blog posts about social media, the time has come for the last blog assignment. Before I begin reviewing my social media use, I would like to say it has been an interesting addition to the usual curriculum, to be encouraged to write blogs during the course. Seeing how easy it was to set up and how much content was generated, I’m surprised it’s not being done for other courses. I suppose it shows once again that the use of social media is still in its beginnings, and there is a lot of room for it to be incorporated in many different formats.

The sites I used during this course did not come as new additions to my social media use. I am currently using quite a few sites that fit in the category: Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Soundcloud, Canvas, Tumblr and Google+.

The sites that I use the most are Twitter and Facebook, followed by Youtube, Canvas and Soundcloud. I only check Tumblr and Google+ occasionally. Twitter and Facebook are the only sites I access through my phone, although mostly Twitter, since I’m not a big fan of the Facebook iPhone application.

I find it difficult to describe how I feel when I’m using any of these sites, as for example especially Twitter has become sort of a daily ritual. It would be like trying to explain how one feels when brushing their teeth. Although Twitter does not improve your dental hygiene as much.
However I suppose there is some form of gratification after I have used it, usually. Because quite often I have learned of something new happening in the world through some news outlet like the Huffington post, or perhaps I have read something funny written by a comedian, or by one of my friends.

I use Twitter mostly for news. Facebook to keep in touch with friends that I don’t get to see that often, and to share funny things I’ve found online like pictures or videos. I use Soundcloud to upload beats I’ve made, which I then link to on Facebook to share with my friends and possibly get some feedback on.

The moments when I want to use for example Twitter would have to be when I learn about something newsworthy through another channel, like the death of Steve Jobs last week which I read on a newsfeed, and I want to know what people are saying about it on Twitter.

There have been times when I felt a sudden aversion towards Facebook that I find difficult to explain. I just found myself wondering “What’s the point? Why am I putting all this stuff about myself online?”. Nevertheless, so far I’ve always continued to use it, maybe after taking a short break from it. I still find it to be more important to have a channel open to the friends I hardly get to see, than the amount of uneasiness I experience from knowing that a lot of information about me is online. Even though my privacy settings are as tight as a drum, this uneasiness also stems from knowing that my online behaviour is being recorded through Facebook. Even though I do not have anything to hide, it sort of bothers me to know someone or rather some-thing is looking over my shoulder constantly.
Last year Joep van Osch who studied at the Dutch Film and Television Academy made a short film about this particular question. Watch the video below.


One Comment on “Social Media Use Review”

  1. tariq86 says:

    Grappige filmpje. Ik heb een beetje zelfde mening over Facebook als jij. Het is een geweldige manier om in contact te blijven met kennissen en vrienden maar het feit dat ze alles over je online gedrag registreren baart me zorgen.

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