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Being part of the Social Media class has made me look back on my life with technology. When i was just a little kid my dad brought a PC from his work on which i used to play games from floppy drives. We we’re probably one of the first families in our town with a dial up connection in the 90’s. It came as such a relief when broadband internet got introduced years later. I always had a certain affinity with PC’s and gagdets, which basically comes down to explore the interface and maybe more, but this was all before social media. I got an actual ‘personal’ computer in 2002 and have been online ever since, until this month first my modem had an error and after that we had a signal error untill they repaired it this morning

Social Media started for me with hyves in 2006, i stil have the account but seem to ignore it completely nowadays. I have a lot of high school friends and their friends on hyves and some family, but most of the important people i have now on my facebook account which i have actually created solely to see the photos made on a study trip. Probably about one year later facebook had grown excessively and i could find a lot of people i personally knew. That is also the time around which i started to contribute content instead of only peeping at others. I’ve uploaded about 8 video’s and 200+ photo’s, attend the occasional FB event, not to mention the amount of links and messages. Even before we started this social media class i received a beta invitation to goole+. I did configure it a bit, but couldnt easily find any friends back then and even know i can’t seem to find too much people i actually know. I like my facebook account to have people i actually like, meet, greet and want to share things with and on a regular basis go to my friends list to see if there’s any up for unfriending. What i ve learned from the social media class is that i’m about an above average user ever since i’ve got a better quicker smartphone allowing me to share on the fly.

Twitter and blogger, which in this course came up, are two totally different forms of social media. Twitter i never made an account for since the course started, but one of my early Sony Ericsson phones in 2006 had an internet connection and a blogging feature. It instantly, or up to two minutes, uploaded your photo and story to your blogger account. I’ve been out of touch with my blog for several long times, but still make the occasional post. I once started it to record pictures and stories for a later time and it has worked fantastic for me. I always feel nostalgic when i go to Last year me, my sister and my mom made a roadtrip through Yucatan in Mexico, visiting several old Mayan temples and astounding sights, traveling for over 2500 miles. During that time i uploaded several pictures and a rather detailed report of the days activities in a easy to read style. I had linked it to my family and close friends and they really appreciated me keeping them up to date about our endeavers. Now to switch from the rich content a blog can have to the short message server that is twitter. I have know about twitter since about 2,5 years and knew since that time that a lot of big names in the world already had them and were getting huge amounts of followers. Still, until recently being forced into joining, i’ve never liked the information u could get from it. The only real gimmick is the speed at which you can share information with loads of people. One twitter of Charlie Sheen reaches more people than the 6 o’clock news on dutch television, which might be a clue to times that are changing again. Having used twitter now to follow politicians and celibrities i still don’t like it too much, but promise not to delete my account after this course. I made a couple of twees myself and probably will continue to, since when i tweet it becomes posted on facebook which makes it all a lil bit easier.

Now for the last big sharing site, Youtube. I’ve never been to keen on youtube, becuase of it’s streaming nature, and prefer directed series and programs instead of the home made %$*#you can encounter on there. Though i try to be creative and found myself kind of hobbying with home made video footage editing it into funny memorabel montages. It’s a superb way of capturing a weekend or a certain small era with friends or on a vacation. It’s great to look back to and really enjoy being there again. I’ve uploaded about 30 movies since 2006, beginning with very short funny clips from friends and me, till since around 2009 longer clips. I think you will all enjoy looking at a couple of them on, but looking at it now i see have to update it soon since it starts only 2010 movies. I would recommend clicking on all videos if possible and offcourse feel free to subscribe. I never promote my movies more than linking them to starring friends and uploading them to facebook or linking there and don’t seem to get a lot of views. Though i feel like keeping these movies only for myself wouldnt be right either.

Ultimately what the social media course has thought me is that we may rely upon the internet’s abilities for generating new ways of communicating


5 Comments on “Social Media”

  1. tariq86 says:

    Goed stuk Kevin. De video’s van Marokko op je je youtube account zijn lachen..:D

  2. kevin8rbrg says:

    Bedankt Tariq en nadat ik per ongeluk in het engels was begonnen heb ik het maar afgemaakt ook

  3. philippine89 says:

    Wat een leuk stukje! die video;s zijn echt te grappig!

  4. annn89 says:

    Ik vond het leuk om je blog te lezen. Het was een verrassend stuk en je geeft een leuke draai aan je ervaringen met social media. Je laat hierdoor een andere kant zien van je ervaring, zoals anderen mensen en ikzelf hier op wordpress hebben gedaan. Leuk dat je iets meer van jezelf blootgeeft aan de hand van je filmpjes!

  5. kevin8rbrg says:

    Thanks Annn89 en philippine89, de leukste stukjes om te lezen blijven toch die je erbij proberen te betrekken, hopelijk is dat gelukt.

    Ik blijf zelf de video’s altijd leuk vinden om nog eens terug te kijken (en te lachen)

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