Explosieve toename bedreigingen via Twitter

In addition to my link to the show ‘Meet the Haters’, where celebrities meet the people that bully or threat them on Social Network Sites,  I found this article on nu.nl about the explosive increase of threats via Twitter:

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Dibi vs Wilders: 2.0 – 1.5

Politicians. Often seen as boring creatures, of whom we know little about their private lives. But then web 2.0 appeared… THE chance for us mobs to read the dirty tweets of the men who rule this country. Or not? What do politicians tweet? Do they even tweet? Will we get to know what their drives are and what they ate last night, or will they just try to win our votes?

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Very interesting docu about ‘Cyber Optimism’ tomorrow

Tomorrow on NL2 TV:21:00 – 22:00                                                                                                                                                                                A documentary from Tegenlicht with Evgeny Morozov, talking about the end of the internet-utopia.


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Politics? Isn’t that something that used to be on TV back in the day?

I remember back in the day, at seven o ‘clock sharp, the cookies and tea were ready and the TV was on for ‘Jeugd Journaal’. Later on, when I moved out of my parents house, when I would wake up in the morning, the first thing I would do was to turn on the TV for the news. Nowadays however, despite I’m still very interested in whats happening in the world, I hardly watch TV anymore since I believe that I can find everything I need to know on the internet (and as well: I don’t know how to install my new TV …I’m such a girl).

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Facebook Timeline

I feel kind of double about this new feature on Facebook: On the one hand it’s freaky to see how much Facebook knows about you and your private life, on the other hand it’s awesome to have a look at your life like this (almost like the museum of me). I reckon it’s worth to check it out: http://mashable.com/2011/09/22/how-to-facebook-timeline/#27135Step-7

Google+ now open for everyone!

Google+ is no longer an ‘invite only’ SNS. Does this mean there will finally more people attending the party? http://www.emerce.nl/nieuws/google-open-iedereen-2?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=google-open-iedereen-2

Tweetle Tweetle little Star…

Stars on Twitter. It’s almost like reading a gossip magazine before it’s even printed. Since almost every girl loves the gossip magazines, stars should have thousands of followers to see what their latest gossip is. And they do. Some celebrities even gathered over a million people who seem interested in what happens in their (private?) lives. At first glance, this makes Twitter seem better than any magazine, as I can pick the stars I want to follow myself and will be the first to see what they’re up to. Or as Josh Lyford said:  “Probably the most important component of all of this is very basic, and most likely why celebrities do well in social media as well. People WANT to hear what “celebrities” and bands are up to. They WANT to be a part of that. Social media are the perfect platform for this connection.”

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