“Facebook and Google are doing it wrong”

Christopher ‘Moot’ Poole (Founder of 4chan and Canvas) gave a very interesting talk about online identity at the Web 2.0 summit in San Fransisco yesterday.

I definitely agree that people are multi-faceted and as Poole says, not one dimensional mirrors as Facebook would have you believe. I also agree that Google+ missed opportunities to innovate by being restrictive with user names.


Social Media Use Review

After more than a month of writing blog posts about social media, the time has come for the last blog assignment. Before I begin reviewing my social media use, I would like to say it has been an interesting addition to the usual curriculum, to be encouraged to write blogs during the course. Seeing how easy it was to set up and how much content was generated, I’m surprised it’s not being done for other courses. I suppose it shows once again that the use of social media is still in its beginnings, and there is a lot of room for it to be incorporated in many different formats. Read the rest of this entry »

The Berrics Brand

The Berrics started out as a skateboard site in 2007, founded by pro-skaters Eric Koston and Steve Berra. Koston and Berra together owned a private indoor skatepark in Los Angeles, and came up with the idea to start a site devoted to skateboarding, for which content would be mostly filmed inside their skatepark. Within two years the site grew out to be the biggest skateboarding site on the internet, attracting more unique visitors than any other major skateboarding site out there, according to The Wall Street Journal. By then The Berrics had become a household name in skateboarding and therefore a brand as well, as they also sell lots of skateboard paraphernalia on the site, including clothing.

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Wilders on Twitter

For this assignment I will review my experience of following Geert Wilders (PVV) on Twitter.

Although I do not subscribe to his political views, I started following Wilders on Twitter earlier this year because I was interested in how he would present himself on-line. I wondered if he would spew as much hate through Twitter as he normally does in political debates, since this could potentially be a lot easier. As it turns out, he rarely does attempt to convey a hateful message through Twitter. Most of his Tweets, which he posts about once every three days on average, consist of a critique on other politicians, often about Prime Minister Rutte. He also posts a lot of messages about the economic crisis, especially recently concerning Greece, in which he continually expresses his opinion that they should leave the Euro zone. Read the rest of this entry »

“The Facebook chart that freaks Google out”

Although the chart below is only based on statistics in the U.S., it shows an interesting development for Facebook compared to other big companies like Google and Microsoft.

The recent and upcoming changes made to Facebook are designed towards keeping users on the site for longer periods of time, which is of course their ultimate goal.

News = Fast Food?

Recently NRC-Next published part of an essay written by Rolf Dobelli (which you can read here), in which the author rather aggressively argues that news is a “toxic form of knowledge” that should be avoided as much as possible. He describes the possible harmful effects news consumption can have on individuals, and recommends some steps one should take in order to minimize or even completely stop consuming news, as he has done so himself. As a result he claims to experience “less dispruption, more time, less anxiety, deeper thinking, more insights”.

“As a result of news, we walk around with the completely wrong risk map in our heads.

– Terrorism is overrated. Chronic stress is underrated.

– The collapse of Lehman Brothers is overrated. Fiscal irresponsibility is underrated.

– Astronauts are overrated. Nurses are underrated.

– Airplane crashes are overrated. Resistance to antibiotics is underrated.”

Rolf Dobelli – Avoid News 2010, p.2

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I admit that during the past two years of using the microblogging site, I have become a Twitterholic. I don’t ‘Tweet’ twenty times a day, but pretty much every chance I get I will check the Twitter app on my phone for news or funny ‘Tweets’. Because of the short messages it’s very easy to scroll through a lot of information in an efficient manner. Besides becoming my main source for news updates, I follow a lot of comedians and musicians on Twitter as well.

For this Social Media assignment I will describe my experiences while following Randy Blythe (@Lambvox), Mike Lamond (@HuskyStarcraft), and Kelly Oxford (@KellyOxford).

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