Diary of a social media user…

Before I started this course I already used Twitter and Facebook for a few years. I mostly used it on my Blackberry, when I was travelling or bored. My main goal was to stay in touch with people who do not live close and to see what friends were doing. During this course I started to think about my own social media use and I feel like I used social media too much. So, I use it a bit less now, but it stays interesting when I am travelling for a while or when I am bored.

The other thing I noticed…

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My Friend Map

Ik kwam dit toevallig tegen en vond het interessant voor op het Blog.
Aangezien mensen steeds meer gebruik maken van SNS wordt men steeds meer met elkaar verbonden, en is het ook gemakkelijker om mensen over de hele wereld tot je ‘vriendengroep’ te laten horen. Zo heeft My Friend Map nu de mogelijkheid om vrienden over de hele wereld visueel te kunnen indelen en zien Wie Waar woont. Je kunt o.a. zien of je veel of weinig internationale vrienden hebt, wat op zich geinig is.

Check de link:

Google +

Well, since I do not have G-mail my first experiences with Google + were very lonely.

How would I organize my friends if they were all on Google +?

Firstly I would make a circle for my family. I might even make two for my family. One for the ”close ones” like my father, mother, sisters and brothers and my grandmother. Another one for people who are family, but to whom I actually do not speak very much. The next circle would be one for my close friends, the people I hang out with at least once a week. Furthermore I would add a circle for friends I sometimes hang out with. For example I have a few friends with who I go out monthly. Than I would add a circle for people I know, but that is all there is to say about. People you have met once for example.

So, I noticed while thinking about ‘my circles’ that I do have a few groups in which I make divisions. For example family: close family and family I almost never speak to. However, I dont feel like I would make that many circles. I do have more on Facebook when I think about it. On Facebook I do have my collegues in my Friendslist for example. I am not sure why I would not invite them to Google +. Probably because the idea of ”circles” is a bit personal. I do not think it is visible for everyone in which circle they are, but still. Next to that it could cause confusion. I do see some collegues as collegues, but also as friends. So in which circle should I place them?

Concluded: I think Google + is a very interesting idea because people start thinking about how they see others. Is she a friend, a collegue or a person I barely know?

And for the people, who are, just like me totally new with Google +. You can read here how to use it.