Well, last week I mainly got my news from Twitter. I follow and AT5 for example, so when they post a tweet about something which I want to know more about I go to their website.  I normally do this when I am travelling, or when I am bored. The other thing is that I read the ”Spits” every morning when I go with the bus or metro. It is a ritual. It feels kinda strange when I cant read that paper in the morning.

So, mostly I read the news in the morning. Sometimes I do watch the evening news when it is the first thing what I see when I put on the television, but mostly I feel like when I’ve read the news in the morning, I fulfilled my obligation to get updated on what is happening in the world and I rather watch an entertaining show on television in the evening.

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Gister, vandaag en nu(.nl)

Nieuws. Ik ben er gek op.

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